Summer’s Last Tomato Salad, For One


This salad tastes like Italy to me, which means you can eat the produce as it comes, with almost no embellishment…When it’s this seasonally perfect, why molest the fruity amazing deliciousness with anything. Perhaps a nice piece of raw milk cheese would round out an afternoon snack…. 

Tomato Salad for One

One large heirloom tomato

14 fresh basil leaves

10 pieces of fresh chive

4 pieces fresh oregano

sea salt (to taste) 

two teaspoons red wine vinegar

1 tablespoon high quality olive oil

optional, cheese of your choice


Cut the tomato in the way you would live to present this to yourself. 

Chop the herds with a sharp knife

Put the salt in a small dish, add the vinegar and let it sit for three minutes

Add the olive oil and then the herbs.

Drench your tomato


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