Nectarine Crumble Muffins

Nectarine Crumb Muffins  The other day at my local PCC, on otherwise difficult day with my two home-for-summer-vacation daughters, I passed nine different varieties of sun-ripened fruit. “Oh these are the best,” said the produce dude with the Bodhi tree tattoo on his broad shoulder. “Really,” he said, showing me his pearly white teeth as… 

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The Art of Food


More Orange Food, Butternut Squash Soup

Remember that ridiculous Campbell’s Soup Campaign with the jingle, “Soup is good food?” Whenever I am cold and can’t keep my hands warm, I hear this song. I hear it when a project I am working on isn’t going well, and I hear it when my 9 year old goes on another one of her… 

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Ten Reasons To Emotionally Eat, Chocolate Pot De Creme

You’ve just had a conference with your daughters’ school. While the conference itself was cordial enough, you kept getting the impression that your daughters’ teachers were trying to figure out where your daughter’s personality came from.  The sound of your own voice sounded so nasally with guilt you couldn’t even listen to yourself.  The fictional… 

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Shallot Vinaigrette, Asparagus, and Pauvre Mishele

I was twenty-two years old when I saw my first shallot.  It’s small, reddish exterior sitting in small basket on the counter in a house in Lyons, France, where I was living as an exchange student.  I pointed towards the small, onion-like vegetable and this lovely host mother, a handsome and lithe brunette in her… 

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Your Authentic Italian Pasta in, Ten Minutes….

Anyone who loves to cook has pinnacle moments in their food life when they learn something they had not known before, and the knowledge sheds this voluminous light on their past, present and future kitchen life.  “You gotta be kidding,” were my first words when I was served this dish, a bowl of blond noodles… 

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IMG_0882, brownie

If I Were a Brownie I’d Be This One

If I were a cookie I would probably be a brownie. I know that’s a strange thing to think about. “Cookie,” my daughter asked the other day, “Why would you say that? Why would you be a cookie?”” I explained to her that I was thinking that a brownie would be a good metaphor for… 

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IMG_0741, the mustard

The Mustard

It’s not a new product. It’s an old product. But it’s the only mustard product, besides mustard seeds, that I use.  The distinction in this mustard is it’s flavor. It’s the correct balance of mustard, salt and acid, so that it imparts a mustardy balance to vinaigrettes and sauce.      Suggested uses… In the… 

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