If I Were a Brownie I’d Be This One

IMG_0882, brownie

If I were a cookie I would probably be a brownie. I know that’s a strange thing to think about. “Cookie,” my daughter asked the other day, “Why would you say that? Why would you be a cookie?”” I explained to her that I was thinking that a brownie would be a good metaphor for me. It’s something good, dark, delicious,with a bit of intrigue, but not too time consuming, or mysterious. High caloric.

When you hold a brownie, you know what you are getting, I explained to her. She scrunched her nose like 9 -year old’s do nowadays, and I thought there is nothing quite like the person you love the most in the world looking at you like that, with derision, or disgust, or complete confusion, like they don’t get you at all–or you are so weird that you might not be worth talking to.

Then I thought, “Tough luck, kid.”   I can still remember the many of the moments during my childhood when I didn’t get my mother at all, and  yet still, so much of Mom is inside me, internalized in me.  Her creativity, her goodness, her dry sense of humor, and even her introversion, which isn’t exactly my trait, but the whole list of her ingredients are such familiar reference points. We are not our mothers–but they are apt reflections for us, even when we are trying to distance ourselves, and need to distance ourselves.  And I am glad about that. Someday, hopefully, E. will be glad too. 

I printed this recipe on my facebook-site, but I wanted to elaborate upon the recipe because this is one of those recipes that has turned out to be adaptable.

You can make this recipe dairy-free (no butter) and it still comes well.  I didn’t take out the eggs, though. I only take eggs out of recipes when I am making gift basket for an allergen free friend. The goal of many of my recipes is to make dishes that you can’t really tell something has been subtracted. The integrity of the dish isn’t compromised by the changes I have made. I feel as though there is nothing more disappointing than being told you are getting a chocolate chip cookie, and then you are handed something without sugar, flour or chocolate. Don’t get me wrong.

 I love carob chips, and I use alternative sugars when I can, but I think you should honor your new creations with a new title. This way, someone will have an open mind with their open mouth, and they won’t immediately be comparing your creation to the last chocolate chip cookie they had, which sets you up for failure. Case in point, I am experimenting with some no-bake cookies, and when I introduced them to my kids as “cookies,” they spit them out. When I said, “Fudge balls,” at another occasion, they went down, no problem. 

One thing I will say, these brownies are a little lighter than brownies made with wheat. When they are hot, they are air-light, and when they cool they become more brownie like. The taste is indistinguishable from a normal brownie, however they are a tiny more crumbly.  No one but myself, who is constantly analyzing for the differences between gluten rich and gluten free products, would probably notice. 

This recipe also freezes very well, so you can make brownies a head of time and look like a rock star when neighbors show up for dinner. 

One Bowl Gluten-Free Brownies…..Adapted from Baker’s Chocolate traditional recipe
pre-heat oven 350 degrees8 oz, or two bars Bakers Unsweetened Chocolate
1 cup butter, unsalted  You may use margarine. I also used one half cup vegetable oil plus one half cup coconut oil) The result was fudge-like brownies that have a hint of cocoanut so you might need to add a half cup, otherwise you are going to confuse the palate of super-tasting people. 
1.5 cups brown sugar
2 cups white granulated sugar (Yes, this is a  hilarious amount of sugar) 
5 eggs
1.5 Tablespoons vanilla
1 teaspoon baking powder
5 eggs
2 cups your favorite gluten free flour blend, either Kings or Authentic Foods Flour or Manini’s. You may also use Authentic Flour. 
Add your favorite nuts (my kids hate them) or chips, as in dark, milk or white chocolate. Put a large stainless steal bowl over 2 inches of simmering water, and melt your chocolate and butter. Once melted add your sugars and stir.
IMG_0876, chocolate concrete
Pull off the heat, and when tepid add your eggs, all at once, and stir baby. Add your vanilla, your flour and your baking powder. Pour into an 8 by 14 baking pan that has been greased and rice-floured…
One note about pan. Brownies do not bake that well in glass pyrex dishes. At least, not in my opinion. Therefore, I prefer steal or aluminum. 

Bake in your 350 degree oven.

My oven runs hot, and so the recipe only took 25 minutes. Watch your brownies, after 20 minutes check in the center with a toothpick or edge of a knife. Don’t be afraid, pierce the darn thing and if it’s gooey give it a few more minutes. I noticed that the brownies with the oil substitution needed a little more time. 
Let them cool, dust them with powdered sugar, your kids won’t even know they are eating a gluten free product…. It’s still a high sugar product, though. So cut them small. My 5 year old ate a small brownie at 7:30 PM and she was jumping from couch to couch for about 45 minutes. So we are not doing chocolate anymore past 4 pm. God, sometimes I really loathe adulthood. 
IMG_0884, with milk
Stay tuned. I have a request for a good gluten free crumble topping. Which is coming soon, like tonight.  

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